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Mira Bai Musicians

Rs. 3,825.00


Why We love it!

A depiction of human figure in different culture & celebrations mode with colorful styling showing the attributes of every design. They are 3 tall figures of Mira Bai musicians poses with detailing on the design with different instrument with each figure curated very thoughtfully with the use of metal & given a fine touch of artist with beautiful colors.


Dimensions 4.5" x 4.5" x 19"
Weight NA
Colour Multi 
SKU 19FD007
Package Content
3 Mira Figures
Category Overview

A décor piece having its orientation from living humans and their representation in fun and celebration activities. They are a view into the festivity in Indian culture showing the colorful attires in different regions. Let the festivity in you express itself through these adaptation of human designs.