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Amphora Kettle T-Light holder Medium

Rs. 1,250.00


Why We love it!

This medium size amphora kettle small t-light holder is done up in antique gold finish in a with zali cut work creating a beautiful spread of light in. A comfortable small size apt for your home or work space. A pairing this kettle with its smaller size can feature a beautiful look to a room.
Dimensions 6" x 6" x 8"
Weight NA
Colour Antique Gold & Green
SKU 19TH003
Package Content
1 T-Light holder
Category Overview

You were born to light up the world. Our range of T-light holder represent the same spirit of bringing soothing spread of light in your world. Beautiful designs to choose from in various sizes, lamps and T-light holders are a good choice to bring a play of light around your space. Brightness in your home!