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6” Italian Marble Ganesha Idol

Rs. 1,000.00


Why We love it!

A well modelled Ganesha figure chiselled from a solid block of dense Marble. The artist  work on this model is of well defined edges & ethnic shape. With these religious sculptures, add an element of inspiration and energy of enthusiasm to your favourite space. Ideal to gift someone or just to grace yourself in its presence.


Dimensions 6 height (In Inches)
Weight NA
Colour White
SKU 19ID001
Package Content
1 White Ganesha Figure
Category Overview

Increase the experience of happiness quotient in your space with our collection of  beautifully crafted idols.  Gorgeous statues with different mudras and various design and sizes to choose from, these idols are a good choice in expressing your religious practices. Bring home a spiritual art!