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About us


Our perspective at Earth Tulip is to create a work that speak for its brilliant workmanship and thought. We focus on solution oriented design which serves the purpose for the client. in terms of functionality. We are inspired with the thought of Indian ethos & contemporary styling. We consider an aspect of functionality in art & decor and have carefully chosen the quality of work, material & the final product that reaches you. All the finishes are definitely in expert hands to bring a fine quality of decorative. We focus on residential & commercial projects, two areas which are high interaction in your life. Making these areas a time good gives us immense pleasure.


“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” – Buddha
We as humans are constantly in the stage of becoming and the fun is that it’s a never ending phenomenon. In our daily interaction with our space we keeping growing in our experiences just like a tree. But the roots are still from where the nourishment come and they are helping the tree grow. Our memories serve us like the roots does for the tree. We tap into those memories and intent to channelize them in such a way that it enhances your life experience. Happiness is a big factor in success, we want to picture a space for you that reflect your happiness & growth. We call this a mindful design thinking. Creating a unique space for a unique you.


Something that have always crossed our minds is what are we adding to your life. When someone comes to us with a desire expressed to witness something pleasing we feel like the Marvel Comics had our name somewhere in their world of geniuses. We are not claiming we don’t make mistakes, we are claiming that we will stand by our sincerity to do the best for you and constantly improvise in our services. With the insight of “as within so without” we want to introduce you to mindful design thinking which suggest to dive deep into knowing you. We create custom solutions for you by tapping into the knowledge of design, mind and the unique you. Our endeavour is to create places which expresses you and makes you happy. We like to think of our work as an attempt to contribute to your happiness & joy life.


We are a Mumbai based company and we want to change the way interior designing is approached. We look to a more wholistic approach where all elements and services are unified to create the masterpiece we are promising you. Let us put it this way that we are in romance with your space and we focus in a very caring way. Conceptualisation with continuous stream of innovative thinking Designers who envisions and creates a new idea Craftsmen in the factory who transforms it into a product of excellence A presence where people believe in the design and vision of the designer A tailor-made design with a touch of delightfulness. We believe in deep collaborations right from the ground level work creating our story of mutual respect, which allows us to form a team of people were enthusiastic and in honest process of work. We believe we are here to create design stories and encourage innovation to be our core value in bringing freshness in the way designing thinking happens. We bring services & decor products that are custom designed and bring to you a wide array of styles & price point.


We have an attention to detail and we are inspired from the details of nature. We are looking for ways in which we can translate our idea to life. While we understand that as a concept it may sound fancy to do mindful design thinking but it is a challenging arena of work. When personifying an individual it is very important to let go off any biasness that might skew the thinking. Also knowing about what he/she picture themselves in future has to be aligned what they want. We strive to achieve a genuine piece of information via our interaction with the clients about how to design something that is unique to you. Our conversations are light & fun, where you can open up with us to really communicate your problem to us. Our primary research is one on one with people who are experiencing the place and what are the discrepancies that they find. Our secondary research about the kind of space we are about to design and look at the success stories. Visualization to helps us powerfully to imagine a space functionally and aesthetically beautiful & apt.


From cozy home space to professional large offices to retail locations we specialize in revitalizing your space. Residential interior designing Corporate offices & Institutional Retail hospitality & restaurants Speciality & Spa spaces Exclusive service for project developers


Commercial Interiors

It is amazing to work at the inception of the idea and we love it so much. Commercial interiors are unique projects offering constant leaning; every project comes with its own parameters and a like a crossword puzzle arrangement of various things together makes it the complete combination representing who we are doing this for. We take care of the below mentioned aspects to understand you better.

  • Functionality
  • Brand identity
  • Character design
  • Budget & Schedule


Residential Interiors

Cracking into a burst of laughter or a yell that is close to an uproar, home encapsulates a wide range of emotions for everyone. We love this expression of design that reflects you. From taking the first steps into this world to home being a place where you thrive in all different phases of your life, it is a living interaction of your memories. We as a team feel a sense of responsibility in designing your adobe, we approach the whole project very diligently. This essential factor that every communication that is happening between you and design of your home is directly making an impact in your life is our basis for mindful design thinking.


Ankita Derasaria

Founder & Owner ID / Raheja, PG CM / MICA, VM / NIFT My passion for designing and architecture drive me to provide solutions that have a story to them. The realization of design being multi-disciplinary subject to me allows me to understand a design challenge & the potential in it. My focus is on understanding the psyche of the people and the nature of the business to provide creative answers. I feel appreciative in providing design solutions with the firm at a personal & intimate level. My professional credential speak about assuring the quality and timeliness in our work. We built relationships that built beauty.

Suresh Derasaria

MD & Owner
Business Owner Mining Industry, LLB / Raj. I am passionate about creating things and ideas that can make life of people easier. I have always been connected to the field of stones & dust and the wonderful structures an artist can create with them. With my knowledge of business I guide the firm with best practices and quality in the work.